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Foul, twitchy, and deranged sex maniac Johnny Laster comes up with a plan to abduct a lovely young heiress in order to obtain her considerable inheritance. After said plan goes disastrously awry, Johnny and his gang become wanted fugitives.
A drunkard and maniac rapist is also an excellent marksman, so he is hired by a Mexican couple who is ready to anything to get their hands on a stash of $100,000 that is going to change hands in town, as a rich man is selling his property in San Diego. Not everything goes according to plan: the rich man is killed, but the money is in the bank; the abduction of his niece, who comes to take her inheritance with her, and her substitution for another girl, is found out by the local councilor; the killer's advances to the rich man's niece leads to her managing to escape from her prison, but he kills her - and just when the councilor was being taken to the criminals' hide-out, so he is also killed on the spot. A prize of $1,000 is offered to anyone who captures the killer. Since the criminal couple was only bringing half of the money with them (the other $50,000 had been kept in a Dallas' bank) suspicion arises in the killer's heart against his employers. The fact that he is spending his part of the money with women while waiting for the money transfer alerts a Mexican outlaw who happens to have been a friend of the rich man murdered. Both to avenge him, and get the money for himself and his band, It comes to a confrontation between the poor and greedy Mexican couple, backed by their family; the Mexican outlaws; the gringo killer; and the San Diego's lawmen. Plenty of men, and women, will bite the Mexican border's dust in successive gunfights.
A rare lengthy Kinski feature role as Crazy Johnny sex crazed outlaw who is wanted in San Francisco. Kinski&#39;s character is obsessed with raping women a sexual predator in the old west who has nothing more but stealing, raping, and killing on his mind. This movie maybe a major disappointment for many Spaghetti Western fans but not for many Klaus Kisnki fans. Overall it had two things going for it a great performance from Klaus Kinski and a great music score by Stelvio Cipriani. <br/><br/>Another story line which needed much more work done to it to be impactive but still fun to watch!<br/><br/>It would be nice to see this movie redone in the future. Since most old movies are being re-made nowadays.
An above average Italian western featuring a nicely sinister performance by Klaus Kinski. Kinski is a sadistic sex mad bandit who&#39;s after dollars as well as women.<br/><br/>The plot is engaging and the acting above average, so this one is easy to recommend to fans of the genre or the man Kinski.<br/><br/>Fast paced and fun. Probably even better with original soundtrack, though!<br/><br/>Released on video in Finland in the early eighties.

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